Conference programme

Textile events in Austria    

15th ETN Conference programme


  1. Gallery of the Art University in the city centre of Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz, Hauptplatz 8, A-4010 Linz, 0043/732/7898-361, www.ufg.ac.at
  2. Tourist Office of Haslach (Tourismusbüro Haslach, Marktplatz 45, A-4170 Haslach)
  3. Separate room of the Vonwiller restaurant
  4. Exhibition room 1 of the Vonwiller building complex Haslach
  5. Conference rooms of the Vonwiller building complex Haslach
  6. Exhibition room 2 of the Vonwiller building complex Haslach
  7. Workshop rooms of the Vonwiller building complex Haslach
  8. Workshop rooms of the primary school Haslach

Conference language(s): English (and German on 23rd July)


Sunday 19th July-Monday 20th July
Optional: Participants who arrive in Vienna are invited to take part in a two-days Vienna textile tour.
(more information)


Monday 20th July: Arrival of pre-conference participants

Tuesday 21st July: Prof. Marga Persson, leader of Textile Department at the Linz Art University, is inviting to the one-day international symposium "Profiles and Perspectives in European Textile Studies". She organises the accompanying exhibition "twist" at the university gallery located at the very centre of Linz, where a plurality of international universities show their work. Linz is in 2009 Cultural Capital of Europe, so you will find a wide range of cultural offer (German: www.Linz09.at; English: www.linz09.at/index.html ).

9 - 10 h Registration (location 1)
10 - 10.15 h Address of welcome by Prof. Marga Persson, head of the Textile Department at the University of Art and Design in Linz
10.15 - 11 h Professors of Linz, Salzburg und Vienna universities describe the situation of textile studies in Austria
11 - 14 h (including break) Keyword speakers from several Textile Departments of European and American Universities provide an insight into the profiles and perspectives of their institution:
  - Lesley Millar, UK, Professor of Textile Culture at the University College for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester
  - Karen Fleming, UK, University of Ulster, master of Design in Textile Material Product
  - Patricia Christy, UK, secretary of TEXERE, Textile Education and Research in Europe
  - Lia Cook, USA, Professor of Art at the California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
14 h Lunch
15 h Guided visit of the exhibition "twist" with commentary by the institutes involved
16.30 - 18 h Panel discussion with international participants
18 - 19 h Break
19 h Official opening of the exhibition "twist - profiles and perspectives in European textile studies"
20 h Departure to Haslach
(The pre-conference fee includes coffee, light lunch and transport to Haslach)
more information


Wednesday 22nd July:
9 - 10 h Registration (location 2)
10 h Optional activity: Tour no.1 through the Haslach Textile Centre
9 - 12 h In the morning optional: Meeting of the TEXERE working group (location 3)
14 - 17 h

ETN General Assembly (more information) location 3

14 h Optional activity: Tour no.2 through the Haslach Textile Centre
(From on 15 h: Informal meeting possibility for conference participants in a special room of the Vonwiller restaurant)  
18 h Opening of the exhibition "Thinking different: thinking JacquArt" (location 4)


Thursday 23rd July:
9 - 10 h Registration (location 5)
9.30 h

Welcome address by the hosts, Upper Austria, Haslach, Textile Kultur Haslach, and by the European Textile Network (ETN) (location 5)


Moderators: Christina Leitner and Beatrijs Sterk
( short information about the speakers)

10h The new Haslach Textile Centre, its neighbours, potential and perspectives, by Christina Leitner, Simona Standler and Helmut Rührl
10.20 h Textile centres: Opportunities and problems - The Stroud International Textile Festival in South-West England, by Bernard Lane
10.40 h West Dean College - A specialized craftmaker's educational institute with a textile department in England, by Philip Sanderson
11 h Break
11.30 h The Jacquard Center and Oriole Mill - A training and attached production place for textile artists and designers, in North Carolina/USA, by Bethanne Knudson
11.50 h The Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal/ Canada, by Louise Lemieux-Bérubé
12.15 h Lunch
14 h The Wetterhoff Weaving Workshop in Hämeenlinna/ Finland - An entrepreneurial learning environment for students, by Aija Lundahl and Tiina Saivo
14.20 h Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio - A Florence/ Italy based educational and production place for sophisticated handwoven fabrics, by Eva Basile
14.40 h ACTE cultural projects - Europe's network of indus- trial textile regions, by Laura Fiesoli
15 h ATELIER - The European network of local wool producers' and processors' educational activities, France, by Marie-Thérèse Chaupin
15.20 h Vision of a decentralised European Summer Academy, by Beatrijs Sterk
15.30 h Break
15.45 h Interactive break-out session: Meeting the speakers
16.45 h Break
17 h Networking to the theme of the day,
4 short speaches by ETN members and guests (more information)
18.30 h Break
20 h Optional: Visit of the exhibition "JacquART: weaves by Franz J. Ippoldt" with Franz J. Ippoldt (location 6)


Friday 24th July:
9 h Networking session (more information)
Moderators: Beatrijs Sterk and Dietmar Laue
Lectures by ETN members and guests; 10 minutes with max. 10 digital images each (13 speaches)
13 - 14 h Lunch
14 - 18 h Networking continued (10 speaches)
20 h Farewell dinner (location 5)

Optional programme

Saturday 25th July:
9 - 18 h Weavers Market in Haslach
8.30 - 17.30 h One-day tour to textile attractions in Český Krumlov, Southern Czech Republic (more information)


Sunday 26th July:
9 - 17 h Weavers Market in Haslach
9 - 11.30 h Visit of the Vieböck Linen Mill in Helfenberg (more information)
13 - 19 h Tour to the Dyeing Museum in Gutau and of the textile exhibition at the University gallery in Linz (more information)


The association Textile Kultur Haslach offers a range of courses with English-speaking leaders (location 7 + location 8):

Monday 27th-Wednesday 29th July
Lia Cook, USA: Colloquium with Lia Cook
Monday 27th-Friday 31st July
Vibeke Vesby, N: The sky is the limit: Challenge your creativity with a TC-1 and Photoshop TM!
Eva Basile, I: Thinking different: thinking Jacquard
Lynne Curran, I: Tapestry
Patricia Black, S: Dimensional Textiles/Wearables
Ann Richards, UK: Just Add Water: Textiles that shape themselves
Beatrix Mapalagama, A: Plants to Paper and Books
Walter Bruno Brix, D: Kimono
Veronika Persché, A: Designing Textiles on the Knitting Machine
German-Language courses with leaders able to speak English:
Monday 27th-Friday 31st July
Roelie Schouten, NL: Weaving and Felting with Deflected Double Weave and Tabby
Mati Müller, CH: Shifu Paper Weavings
Elke Salzmann, A: Experimental Screen Printing on Textiles
Brigitta Colbert, A: Dyeing and Experimenting with Natural Dyes
Monika Künti, CH: Experimental Paper Plaiting


The post-conference workshops have to be booked and paid directly at/to Textile Kultur Haslach: www.textile.kultur.haslach.at
The fee for the workshops is Euro 278.-, except "The sky is the limit: Challenge your creativity with a TC-1 and Photoshop TM!" with Vibeke Vestby for Euro 358.-.

For the course offer with German-speaking leaders from Monday 20th to Friday 24th July please look at the website http://www.textile.kultur.haslach.at from on mid-January 2009
(Both course programmes are managed by Textile Culture Haslach)


Basic fee for ETN members: Euro 135.,-
Basic fee for East European (non-EU) ETN members and students: Euro 80.-
Basic fee for non-members: Euro 235.-
The basic fee will cover participation in the conference, coffee breaks and light lunches on Thursday and Friday.

Registration address: ETN Secretariat, P.O.Box 5944, D- 30059 Hannover, Germany; tel: +49-511/817006; fax: /813108; e-mail etn@etn-net.org

All fees have to be paid to the ETN Secretariat, except the post-coference workshops (→ www.textile.kultur.haslach.at). It is possible to take part exclusively in the pre-conference at Linz at Euro 16.-. Please use therefore also the Conference application Form of ETN!

Payments should be made to the ETN Secretariat in Euros by credit card. Those living within the Eurozone may pay by bank tranfser using IBAN and BIC numbers.
(Due to high banking charges we are unable to accept cheques.)

Cancellations received after 15 June 2009 will be subject to the full fee unless the participant is replaced by another person!


Accommodation in Linz (20 - 21 July):

1) Apart from the option to make your own hotel reservation via the internet (German: www.linz.at/tourist/hotel_suche.asp; English: www.linz.at/english/tourism/205.asp) the pre-conference organisers are offering the following accomodation:

2) Hotel Sommerhaus (Julius Raab-Heim), Julius-Raab-Str. 10, A-4040 Linz; Tel: +43-732/24570; Fax:/245739; e-mail: hotel@studentenwerk.at; http://www.sommerhaus-hotel.at/en - Available for the night from 20 to 21 July 2009 with 20 single rooms and 10 double rooms. Altogether minimal 30 and maximal 40 persons. - Price including breakfast:
    Single room Euro 37,-
    Double room (2 persons) Euro 33,- per person
Reservations are to be made individually under the key word "ETN".

more information

Accommodation in Haslach (21-25/31 July):

1) Apart from the option to make your own hotel reservation via the internet (from on January 2009 see www.boehmerwald.at/en/index.html) the Haslach tourist office is offering the following accommodation alternatives:

2) Boarding School of the Rohrbach Vocational School (Internat der Berufsschule in Rohrbach with shuttle to Haslach included). Available from 21 to 26 July, 2009, with 18 double (or triple) rooms and 4 single rooms. Altogether minimal 22 and maximal 58 persons (double rooms can be used as single rooms) - Price including breakfast:
     Single room Euro 22,-
     Double room (2 persons) Euro 36,-
     Triple room (3 persons) Euro 54,-
Reservations via Marianne Kneidinger, Tourist Office Haslach, Marktplatz 45, A-4170 Haslach; tel.: +43-7389/72300; e-mail: tkh@oberoesterreich.at

3) Hotel by Rainhardt (with shuttle to Haslach at an extra fee). Available from 21. to 26. July, 2009 with 15 double rooms and 10 single rooms. Altogether minimal 25 and maximal 40 persons. - Price including breakfast:
    Single room Euro 42,-
    Double room (2 persons) Euro 70
Reservations are to be made individually under the key word of "ETN Conference": Berghäusl 40, A-4160 Aigen-Schlägl; Tel: +43-7281/6758; Fax: /6758-59; e-mail: byrainhardt@aon.at; http://www.tiscover.at/byrainhardt

Conference Application Form


Optional activities on 19th/20th and 25th/26th July

Vienna visit

For participants arriving via Vienna there is a two days programme including museum visits (Museum of Applied Art/MAK and Vienna Museum depot), studio visits (fashion designer Susanne Bisovsky and knitting designer Veronika Persché) and a city tour to places of textile interest. - The tour will start on Sunday at 10 a.m. at the main entrance of the MAK, Stubenring 5, and will end on Monday early enough to reach the train to Linz; it will be guided by Veronika Persché, http://www.persche.com. - Costs for museum entries and transportation (lunches excluded) are Euro 20.

Day trip to Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Southern Bohemian town of Český Krumlov (Krumau in German) looks back a turbulent history. Its romantic town centre on the Vltava river (Moldau) and its impressive castle set on a hill give the town a unique charm, and it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle and palace of Český Krumlov rank among the most important architectural monuments in Central Europe. A theatre was attached to the palace for a long time. An adjacent Renaissance building houses countless costumes and stage sets dating from several centuries, which will exceptionally be accessible (http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/kaktualita.xmll; http://www.castle.ckrumlov.cz/docs/en/zamek_oinf_sthrza.xml).
The bus leaves Haslach at 8.30 a.m. and returns at ca. 5.30 p.m. (Euro 35).

Visit to the Vieböck Linen Weaving Mill of Helfenberg

Established in 1832, this linen weaving mill, a small company steeped in tradition, employs 16 staff. Today Vieböck still produces classic designs from the Austrian Mühlviertel region in the highest quality linen, and also embarks on experiments with designers and students. The tour provides insights into the production facilities and includes a visit to the company shop, which offers quality linen (http://www.vieboeck.at).
The bus leaves Haslach at 9 a.m. and returns around 12 a.m. (Euro 4).

Day trip to Linz via Gutau (visits to a museum & gallery)

The dyeing museum of Gutau, a former linen indigo dyeing mill that remained in operation until 1968, demonstrates all the working processes involved in indigo dyeing. The building of its dye shop, now the home of the museum, is a remarkable historic monument (http://www.ooemuseumsverbund.at/de_museum_15_32.html). Parallel to the pre-conference themed "Profiles and Perspectives of European Textile Studies", the gallery of Linz Art University will host an exhibition entitled "Twist", featuring presentations by various textile institutions (http://www.khs-Linz.ac.at/aktuelles.1437.0.html) The bus leaves Haslach at 1 p.m. and returns around 7 p.m. (Euro 19).


ETN General Assembly 2009
8th election meeting on Wednesday, 22 nd July, 14-17 h
Separate room of the Vonwiller restaurant in Haslach

ETN members are asked for the eight time to define their leading body, the Administrative council (AC) anew. Currently the AC is made up of Lala de Dios/E, President; Beatrijs Sterk/D, Secretary General; Vibeke Vestby/N, Treasurer and Patricia Christy, Leader of the TEXERE Working Group.
Open for election are the posts of President, Secretary General, Treasurer and further Board members (10 persons maximum).
Each ETN member that has paid its annual contribution 2009 has the right to vote and can   candidate for the AC.


14.00 h Subjects addressed by members
  Approval of the Resume Protocol of the General Assembly 2007
(see Newsletter No. 4/2007, p.8)
14.30 h Reports

Report by the Administrative Council (AC)
• Activities since September 2007
• Balance sheet 2007/2008 and preview 2009/2010
• Release of the AC for the financial period 2007/2008



16.30 h Decisions /elections
Candidates for the AC present their programme for the period 2010/2011
1) Election of ETN's Administrative Council (AC)
2) Election of Working Group leaders
3) Decision: ETN membership fee from 2010 onwards
17.00 h End of the General Assembly

For details of the ETN Conference programme please contact the ETN Secretariat.


Network activities
Ten minutes speaches with max. ten digital images each

Thursday 23 July

Lectures by ETN members and guests

Monika Leitner/I: The Network of European Textile Industrial Communities (ACTE)
Hermann-Josef Stenkamp/D: Networking as a museum concept
Vibeke Vestby/N: Recent developments in Jacquard weaving
Lia Cook/USA: Jacquard as art

Friday 24 July

Lectures by ETN members and guests

Ismini Samanidou/GR: Jacquard art work for the Jerwood Award, made at the Oriole Mill
Wu Pei-Chan/Taiwan: Midway Island fibre artists in Taiwan
Joe Lewis/CDN: The magic of getting published, while tracking textile art in the wilderness
Veronika Persché/A: Machine knitting, a textile technique opening up new worlds for students
Nora Chalmet/B: The evolution in 30 years of tapestry by the members of Domaine de La Lice
Ibola Hegyi/H: Plea for broader cooperation for contemporary tapestry art
Monika Engel/D: Kunstverein Seide e.V., a German association for professional silk art

  Christine Keller/NZ: Textile art in Southern New Zealand - Chances and challenges of the remote
Marina Blumin/R: Priority modes of development of textile and costume collections today
Julia Astreou-Christophorus/CY: Creation of the Cyprus Textile Routes
Bratislava Idvorean Stefanovic/Serbia: A few cases of the potentials in different textile regions of Serbia
Diana Springall/UK: How my collection of textile art started as visual aids for teaching
Carol Westfall/USA: The biennial "From Lausanne to Beijing"

Christine Groß & Inge Seelig/D: Weben+, an association for handweaving, its goals, activities and offers
Aija Baumane/LV: Textile Art at the Riga Academy of Arts
Jekaterina Alksne/LV: Innovative technologies in traditional textile art
Assadour Markarov/BG: New perspectives of textile education at the National Academy of Art in Sofia
Mariam Beridze/GEO: Fashion and surface design at the Apollon Kutateladze State Academy of Art in Tiblisi
Kathy Schicker/UK: Woven Light
Louise Majorey/USA: A Student Textile Tour to Ecuador
Stacey Harvey-Brown/UK: The Mix - A collaboration Project in Macclesfield
Gina Morandini/I: The Valcellina Award for young textile artists
Yen-Ying Huang/Taiwan: Jacquard Woven Public Art in Taiwan



Speakers on Thursday 23rd July

Christina Leitner/A has grown up in Haslach, she is assistant at the Linz Art University and lecturer at the Weaving Department of the Mozarteum in Salzburg. For Textile Kultur Haslach she is influencial in setting up the new Textile Centre.
Simona Standler/A from South-Bohemia, living in Upper Austria, is well informed about the Czech textile culture.
Helmut Rührl/D, Mayor of Breitenberg/Bavaria is co-founder of its town's weaving museum.

Bernard Lane/UK works worldwide in Heritage Management, Rural and Small Town regeneration and in Sustainable Tourism through Red Kite Environment (http://www.redkite-environment.co.uk). E-mail: bernard.lane@tiscali.co.uk

Philip Sanderson/UK is Creative Director, working in the West Dean Tapestry Studio, looking for Jacquard equipment in order to enlarge the course offer of West Dean’s textile section.

Bethanne Knudson/USA is founder of the Jacquard Center in Hendersonville/North Carolina, a residential training center in JacqCAD MASTER software. In April 2007 she and Stephan Michelson opened the Oriole Mill to provide artists, designers and entrepreneurs access to industrial Jacquard looms (http://www.
the jacquardcenter.com)

Louise Lemieux Bérubé/CDN is co-founder of the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (http://www.textiles-mtl.com) in 1990. Since 1996 her Centre had a first AVL Jacquard loom with TIS equipment and offers Jacquard courses.

Aija Lundahl/FIN is Head of Textiles of the Wetterhoff Weaving Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences Degree Programme in Design (http://www.hamk.fi/tekstiiliverstas).
Tiina Saivo/FIN is Textile Technologist at the Wetterhoff Weaving Workshop.

Eva Basile/I is a staff member of Fondazione Lisio in Florence, a study and production centre for traditional hand-woven velvet, brocade and other sophisticated fabrics. Eva gives courses in different weaving techniques (http://www.fondazionelisio.org).

Laura Fiesoli/I is staff member of the Prato Textile Museum, one of the museums involved in two cultural projects of ACTE, the network of European industrial textile regions (http://www.acte.net).

Marie Thérèse Chaupin/F is one of the leading personalities of
ATELIER, the European network of local wool producers and pro-cessors, based in France (http://pagesperso-orange.fr/atelier.laine).